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The Ideal Travel Accessory for Anyone On the Go

The NeverPack eliminates the tedious task of folding and packing every single article of clothing by allowing you to hang them up. Keep your clothes safe and help avoid wrinkles in NeverPack, an amazing travel accessory unlike anything else. NeverPack is the perfect way to transport your items on any trip. We currently hold patents.

Unlike a traditional suitcase on a trip with more than just one hotel, you don’t feel like unpacking at each hotel, only to repack it the next morning. So you keep it on the floor or luggage rack all unpacked only to find yourself doing the “Dig Method” to find a new set of clothes for a day as you rummage through your current suitcase. Then you stuff your dirty clothes in your suitcase some place.

Our Suitcase

The NeverPack features three telescopic devices, one on the top and one in each corner on the bottom, which allows you to hang your clothing. The NeverPack comes with a special hanging laundry bag with pockets to store items that are not normally hung up such as underwear, socks, and shoes, that’s are easily seen and retrieved from the NeverPack from the laundry bag instead of looking all over your current suitcase to find them. The laundry bag holds all clothes together with velcro straps, to allow all clothes to be bundled so that the NeverPack can be opened and closed freely.

Size and Price

The NeverPack available in a 62 liner inch model, dimensions are 35.8" in height, 20.3" in width, and 8.7" in depth, which allows you to check-in the NeverPack without an “oversize charge” on the domestic and international Airline’s flights under the current rules and regulations. Only if you really, really overstuff the NeverPack with clothing you will get an over-weight charge. The price of NeverPack is $795.

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