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65 Inch Model Suitcase


NeverPack sells what looks like a piece of luggage, but this travel accessory eliminates the need for folding all of your articles of clothing prior to packing. Our design features telescopic devices so you can hang up clothing items right into your NeverPack, reducing the risk of wrinkles and making packing clothes for your vacation a breeze.

Our Inspiration

Just like you, we were tired of spending time carefully folding each article of clothing so it would fit in our suitcase and wouldn’t get wrinkled. We wanted to create a product that satisfied both those needs. You can take your clothing, hanger and all, directly from your closet or the Dry-Cleaners to your NeverPack without folding a thing.

Unique Product

Make preparing for a trip the easiest part with our revolutionary design. Hang everything you need into the NeverPack without overstuffing it and know it should be wrinkle-free at your destination(s).

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